Academy Council

Outwood Academy Haydock is a proud member of the Outwood Family, therefore ultimate responsibility for our academy rests with the Outwood Grange Academies Trust Board of Trustees. However, some of the work of the board is delegated to the Academy Council, who are the Governors of the Academy.

Our Academy Council is a sub-committee of the Outwood Board and its role is to carry the Outwood vision, values, policies and priorities forward while providing internal assurance and, in addition, to develop and strengthen the academy's links with the local community.

The Academy Council is made up of governors who are expected to question, challenge and support the school's leadership. Some Governors are appointed by the Trust and others are elected by parents or carers of children who attend Outwood Academy Haydock

The Outwood Academy Haydock Academy Council

Name/RoleDate of AppointmentTerm of Office Ends
Mrs Sam Tinsley
Chair of Local Governing Body
Appointed by academy members
Mr Christopher Chamberlain
Local Governor
Elected by school staff
Mrs Rachel Guyer
Local Governor
Appointed by GB/board
Rev Dan Leathers
Local Governor
Appointed by academy members

To contact the Chair of Governors, please contact the academy.

The Outwood Board and our Academy Council, and their members, will at all times uphold the Seven Principles of Public Life, known as the Nolan Principles. More details of these can be found here.

Each of the above bodies have detailed Terms of Reference which set out their roles and responsibilities and functions. the authority of each group is controlled by the Board via the Scheme of Delegation. You can find out more about this, and about the Outwood Family Board of Trustees here.