Reading is a pivotal part of our students’ learning and curriculum. It is central to the development of their vocabulary, communication as learners and individuals  and to the development of their imagination and wider creativity. In school , our library, referred to as the  ‘Learning Resource Centre’ is open to students at lunchtime and aims to foster a love of reading and a place to explore the wide range of books available to students. 

To develop and ignite students’ love of reading, a number of initiatives take place within the academy. In tutor time all students in years 7 and 8 take part in Drop Everything Guided Reading sessions while the  Accelerated Reader programme  is integrated into fortnightly English lessons where success in reading is tracked, supported  and celebrated. Accelerated Reader aims to develop not only a love of reading but the wider skills of reading fluency and vocabulary development which are so essential to their development as learners.Accelerated Reader is used by all students in year 7 and 8  and aims to develop a lifelong love of reading, motivating students to read more challenging books and most importantly raising literacy aspirations and standards for students of all ages and abilities, benefiting them not only in English but also across our curriculum. With a greater emphasis on literacy across all subjects, Accelerated Reader is a vital part of our curriculum to develop not only reading skills but also students’ range of vocabulary and comprehension skills.

 Students’ reading ages are tested and  interventions put in place where appropriate via programmes such as Fresh Start Fast Track Tutoring and the  Rapid Plus guided reading programme which are taught in small groups.
 Our academy and departments strive to raise the profile of reading in our students and focus on the importance of subject vocabulary within their delivery to develop content knowledge and aid reading in lessons and improve written communication skills.